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Helping the Modern Farmer.

In an industry where time is money, ROVA adds both every day by doing most of the work for you. Focus on other parts of your business while ROVA operates a self-sustaining poultry addition to your farm.

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Start raising livestock fast with this automated all-in-one solution. We took out the guesswork of raising livestock on pasture by putting all you need in one unit. Simple, elegant and ready to work for you.

CSK - Brooder

Easily start your chicks directly in the ROVA|BARN with the CSK Brooder. No need for any additional building or infrastructure - you just need an AC hookup.


Vendii Smart Locker

An outdoor locker system for a 24/7 contactless pick up service, allowing business owners & farmers to manage their time efficiently.

FSK - Feeding System

Kit-based automated feeding system so you can start your chickens/turkeys in a separate building and still take advantage of this time-saving automation.

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