Your 100% robotic pasture barn

The system that cares for your livestock like you would.

Cut your farm labour by up to 90% with our autonomous ROVA|BARN.

Broiler chickens foraging in pasture with a ROVA|BARN system for raising livestock.

Meet your automated
solution to pasture
raised livestock

Imagine an all-in-one machine that is not only easy to use but requires minimal maintenance and uses renewable energy. That’s the ROVA|BARN.
•  Specially Engineered
•  Self-Moving Daily
•  Onboard Feed & Water
•  Intelligent Ventilation
•  27/7/365 Live Data
•  Mobile App Tracking
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Engineered for life on the farm

Our regenerative farm tech was designed by farmers, for farmers.

Traditional Coops & Chicken Tractors

1 Type of Livestock
Manual Movements
Insufficient Feed & Water Storage
Lack of Automatic Ventilation
No Data Collection

Automate your farm with our mobile app

Included with your ROVA|BARN purchase, our app gives you constant access to your livestock whenever and wherever.
•  24/7/365 Live Data
•  Water & Feed Updates
•  Movement Scheduling
•  Ventilation Control
•  Temperature Control
•  Live Video & Audio Feed
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Hand holding a smartphone displaying the ROVA|BARN app with a farm in the background, symbolizing remote and automated farm management.
Smiling couple in farm caps, Cori and Casey, endorsing the ROVA|BARN from Napa Pasture Protein in California.
“The ROVA|BARN is incredible, but the people behind it are the real treasure.”
Cori and Casey | Napa Pasture Protein
California, USA

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Our Mission

Help all farmers have pasture-raised livestock through trusted engineering and automation.

Meet your engineers

Dan and Kat are a team of Canadian engineers from the small town of Notre Dame De Lourdes, Manitoba where they founded UKKÖ Robotics with the vision of helping farmers around the world reinvent traditional agriculture.

Meet Our Team
Chicks foraging near an automated feeder in a pasture.

Healthier livestock, healthier soil, and healthier customers.

That’s the pasture raised difference.

With a ROVA|BARN, you can raise livestock the way nature intended. Moving daily, your livestock will have access to fresh plants and insects while being protected from predators. This movement also improves the soil’s health by enriching it with manure and giving back to the land. And finally, a more diverse diet for your animals means a better quality product for your customers.

Everyone wins with regenerative agriculture.

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How much is a ROVA|BARN?
Our ROVA|BARNs range from $16K to $60K CDN depending on the size you need (sizes offered include 200, 400 and 700 square feet models). A ROVA|BARN costs approximately 60% less than a traditional livestock barn. Financing options are available for Canadian and U.S. customers.
If I order today, how long does it take to get a ROVA|BARN?
The average turnaround for each unit takes anywhere from 2 to 6 months depending on the size of your model, your location, and other supply logistics. We keep you updated each step of the process so you know when to expect your ROVA|BARN.
How do I set-up and use my ROVA|BARN?
This typically takes half a day to a day dependig of the model followed by a few days of training with you. We love working with our customers to ensure you feel confident in using your ROVA|BARN.
Where do you ship the ROVA|BARNs?
At UKKÖ Robotics, we deliver to customers across Canada and the U.S. However, if you are located elsewhere please contact us so we can find a solution. We’re committed to helping farmers around the world.

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