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The all-in-one solution for pasture, regenerative farming.

  • 100% Solar-powered
  • Automatic movement, feeding and water
  • Livestock analytics shown via mobile app
Discover ROVA|BARN

We focus on moving livestock on pasture automatically

Often underestimated in regenerative agricultural practices, livestock integration is crucial in building healthy soils. This vital step is usually set aside because of its labour requirements in moving the livestock multiple times per day on new pastures/cover crops.

We are working hard to provide flexible infrastructure to the regenerative farmer, giving him flexibility while allowing him to do good for his family, community, and soil.

Regenerative Agriculture Circle

The Benefits

Farming is hard work and rarely gives you the flexibility you want. Leveraging technology and connected systems can allow you to do other things while taking care of your mundane everyday chores.

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Providing a consistent, controlled, stress-free environment means mortality rate drops, growth rate rises, & farm profit soars.

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90% less labour

Reduce labour costs, reallocate time to other ventures, & scale your operation with 90% less effort - 5 minutes of labour per ROVA|BARN per day.

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Improving soil

Vegetable gardens, vineyards & orchards all benefit from an automated, sustainable & accessible soil fertility strategy with livestock integration.

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Control all your operation settings remotely through your mobile device 24/7. ROVA|BARN will provide you with insights, notifications, and feedback.

What People Say!

''The amount of time it saves, it's immense! There are days we would be out in the field until 9 p.m, and we would walk by it, look inside to see if they have feed and water, and we come back inside, a 5 mins walk out there and back in. Before, we would be 45 mins dragging coops around, filling in the feed and the water.''

Casie & Tom

We’re a team of makers, thinkers
and farmers.

Ukkö Robotics continuously strives to optimize farming practices. Using innovative technologies, traditional pasture-based farming can be transformed to become more accessible and efficient while ensuring ethical practices and optimal care and comfort for animals.

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