ROVA|BULK Water Trailer

Portable Pressurized Water Trailer

No need to wait for water tank filling anymore.

Our portable water trailer ensures a constant supply of pressurized water on the go.

With its portable design, you can take it anywhere and have access to pressurized water for a variety of purposes.

Starts at:
$4,850.00 CAD
Today's Deposit:
$ 500.00 CAD
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Water where you need it, when you need it

Whether you're watering plants, cleaning farm equipment, bringing water to your livestock or simply need a supply of pressurized water, this farm water trailer will go where you go.

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Take control of your water supply

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You’ll love these specs!

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May vary on your local regulations

Dimensions / Weight


IBC Tote: 250 Gal *

* 250 gal IBC tote is not included




Battery: 12V

Solar Power: 200W


Tires: Turf Tires

Hitch: 2 Inch Ball Hitch

Hose: 100ft Heavy-Duty Hose

Nozzle: Spray Gun Attachment


Automatic Pump Modes
Assisted Fillings
Remote Monitoring


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