Vendii Smart Locker

Outdoor Farm Shop Smart Locker

The 24/7 pickup service for your business.

An outdoor smart locker system for a 24/7 contactless pick up, allowing business owners and farmers to manage their time efficiently.

Perfect for farm produce, farm equipment parts, gardening supplies and parcels.

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$ 5,000.00 CAD
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Web App Control

With the Vendii™ intuitive web app you can remotely manage your locker system by setting the pick up time windows, sending passkeys automatically, alerted on overdue pick ups and too many failed entries attempts.

Flexibile Farm Locker

The Vendii™ Smart Locker allows you to manage your time efficiently by not having to wait for customers to arrive.

Easy to Install

The Vendii™ Smart Locker is preassembled and delivered to your door.

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A smart locker meets a farm vending machine

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May vary on your local regulations

Dimensions / Weight

Overall (HxlxD): 2.2 x 1 x 0.8 m (85 x 41.5 x 31.3 in)


Parcel Dimensions (HxlxD): 38.1 x 40.6 x 67.3 cm (15 x 16 x 26.5 in)

Parcel Maximum Weight: 27 kg (60 lbs)


Operating Temperature: -30 to 45°C (-22 to 113°F)


Flat stable ground or concrete slab.

Sturdy wall for anchor mounting

No light switches, fire hydrants or electrical switchboards behind.

Installed with the most cover from the elements.


Exterior Wall Outlet: Waterproof Power Outlet 120VAC



8 Doors
Heated & Cooled


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The UKKÖ Robotics difference

Made in Canada

Our smart farming equipment is designed, manufactured and tested on the UKKÖ test farm on the Canadian prairies.

Farmer Focused

As multi-generational farmers ourselves, we understand the thought, passion and care you put into your pasture.


We're here to raise awareness about the importance of regenerative agriculture in both rural and urban centres.

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